Tom Swan Loft - Racing Pigeons


Racing and Winning Since 1959

A few of our more recent Wins are listed below:


1st Place Northeast Union vs. 9,115 Birds from 706 Lofts - largest race ever in USA.

1st Place Newark Futurity in 2007 - 43 minutes in front.

2nd Place Purgrain Gold Band Futurity Race in 2007.

1st Combine 600 Miles Day of Toss in 2007 (clocking 4 of the 14 Combine Day Birds).

Bred 6th Place Winner in 2005 IF Convention Race (only bird entered).

Bred 1st Place 2006 Lennox Park Futurity Winner.

Bred 1st Place Winner in 2009 Belleville One-Loft Classic - 19 Minutes in Front.

1st & 2nd Place 2009 600 Mile Joint Combine (Lehigh Mountain & Greater Western Combine) Day of Toss.

1st, 2nd & 3rd 600 Miles Day of Toss in 2011 (only 6 Day Birds in Club).

One of only 2 Lofts to clock 600 Mile Day Birds in Greater Western Combine every year from 2007-2011.

1st Place at 500 Miles in 2012.

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