Tom Swan Loft - Racing Pigeons


Hofken Stock Cocks


AU 05 CBS 1629 - "The Lion" - Direct son of "Leo"

Bred Diploma Winners with multiple mates


IF O6 ITC 1280 - "White Tail I"

Sire to 2nd 600 Day of Toss; 1st Combine 200; 2nd 300

IF 08 ITC 151 - "White tail II"  Gr-Son of "History Maker"

Sire & Grandsire to Diploma Winners


IF 09 SUB 334 - Son of "White Tail II"

2nd Combine150 Miles - 1602 Birds; 4th Combine 200 Miles.


IF 09 SUB 363 - Son of "The Lion"

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