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Birds for Sale

We generally have a few birds of breeding quallity for sale during November, December and January.

Young birds are available in kits of 4 from February through June.  A deposit of $100 will hold your kit until they are ready to ship. 

IF 12 SUB 14 Blue Splash Cock - (sold)

Bred from "330" and "The Country Hen"


IF 12 SUB 774 Blue Splash Cock - Price $300 (sold)

"Bred from "538" and "223"


IF 12 SUB 799 Blue Pencil Cock Price (sold)

Bred from "50" and "72"


IF 10 SUB 73 Red Check Hen -  (sold)

Daughter of "Hank" and "898" hen


IF 12 SUB 152 Blue Bar Booted Hen - (sold)

Bred from "Purgrain Boy"


IF 12 SUB 754 Blue Bar Booted Hen - Price  (sold)

Bred from "Purgrain Boy"


IF 13 SUB 190 Dark Check Cock (sold)

     Bred from "50" and "72"


IF 12 SUB 788 Dark Check Hen -  (sold)

Bred from "498" and "7"


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